About Us

How long has it been since your roof was replaced? Do you have shingles that are missing, curling, or cracking? Have you noticed a buildup of shingle granules at your downspouts? If it has been 20 years or more since you put on a new roof or you're noticing any of these danger signs, it is time to move forward on a new roof before expensive damage is done to your home. Kentucky area storms are famous for damaging roofs to the point of needing replacement.

When you contact us for residential roof replacement, we will visit your home, assess your roof, and have a clear conversation with you about what needs to be done. Once we understand the status of your roof and your goals, we will create an itemized, written estimate that will allow you to assess exactly what we propose to do as well as the cost of it.

Once we have the green light in the form of a signed contract, we will bring experienced craftsmen to your property.

  • They will remove your old roof and dispose of it in a way that will not harm your landscaping or home.
  • They will replace any roofing deck plywood compromised by water and install needed shields to make your roof's foundation impermeable.
  • After that, they will install fresh shingles that will transform your entire home.

If anything doesn't satisfy you, we will make it right, because we are here for you.

At Gilford and Sons Roofing, we know that you cannot afford to compromise on roofing materials or workmanship, and that is why we have delivered the best roofing services in KENTUCKY & INDIANA since day one. Contact us to get started!